Thursday, January 25, 2007

What comes first

...the review or the stars.

I was disappointed by The TImes today. On the front cover they ran with a header that Blood Diamond had got 2 stars.

Now, I'm all for teasing the reader and getting them to turn the page, but giving the score away on the front page.

Reviews should be read.

The point of reading them is to find out someone elses point of view. And, you get a few stars to remind you of that view. You get to read about all the other films they've seen and how they interrelate. How Jimi Hendrix joined with James brown and funk and Grandmaster Flash and further into Hip Hop and then to bling culture and then to the growth of diamond sales and war zones cashing in and the abuse of workers. And on and on...

Lets put the stars at the end please.

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