Friday, January 12, 2007


Ben got me thinking about driving obsessions.

Its pretty clear what his is, and instantly that sets you thinking what drives you.

I'm often obsessed, over the last year or so:
Brewing beer
Making bread
Growing vegetables

Its a strange list, so what 's the start point.

Well, when I was a kid I'd always take new pens to bits. I'd click them a few times, draw a bit then start unscrewing. Often I couldn't get them back together, a spring would fire across the room, or a little plastic bit would vanish under the fridge.
That didn't matter, knowing how it worked was enough.

And that drives the obsessions.
Its not about riding the bike, its about how the gears work, or how the tour de france was won in 1935. Its not online poker, its understanding chance and bluffing and how fixed limit should be played differently to pot limit.

I like to soak up stuff, to find out why, how and where, the next bit - what - that drives Ben is fascinating to me but to be fair, I'm pretty rubbish at it.

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