Friday, January 19, 2007

A good blow

Hannah's being the wind.
Yesterday it dislodged a tile on the roof, blew away her shed and smashed up the fence. The bit I rebuilt last weekend is still there though, so I'm feeling smug in a man/wood/nails/testosterone way.
Power lines down, car crashes; its all very exciting and scary. And with snow on the the way its fuelling my weather obsession in an unhealthy fashion. Just need to speak to my Dad now and see if he's seen any mysterious portents in the way moss is growing in the shrubs and we won't be short of conversation for months.

Its a nice distraction from Big Brother, but since I've started, here's my take on the media manipulation going on.
Endemol/Channel 4 wanted more ratings, so they probably placed the original story. They got what they wanted, and why not. Their job's not to be guardians of our opinions.
Carphone Warehouse wanted airtime, brand presence and fame. Now they've pulled out so evidently it got out of their control.
The unholy trinity of Jade/Danielle and Jo wanted TV and media contracts. That'll now bite them on the bum.
Shilpa wanted increased fame in Britain but didn't imagine that she'd be taking part in what has, ever since the first series, become a freakshow - that's what the people want folks.

And the moral of the story. I guess its to be very careful what you wish for, and how you get it. In the end, its hard to control everything.

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