Saturday, November 25, 2006

you're old you're old you're old you're old

Thanks to Reef for the title.

I was watching The Police at Hatfield College in '79 last night. Firstly, it was Friday night, and I was at home watching a gig on telly. A multitude of wrongness in one statement.
Then I watched the crowd getting into Sting (who was wearing a zip accessorised pair of overalls - the end of the '70s), and I realised that they're all in their 50s now. Those wild youths are now bankers, binmen, bored housewives and bad marketing executives ( or brilliant, who am I to comment, just needed another b).
Anyway it made me realise that whilst I still buy music, and listen to it all the time there's something missing.
Once I would have gone without food to hear Prince breaking wind, or stopped at home for hours listening to the Stone Roses. Now, I buy the Arctic Monkeys and think "Yeah that's good". Which piece of the jigsaw went missing in 16 years?

I guess now I'm receiving culture, I'm not helping to build it. You rely on the web, the Times Saturday Supplement or Q Magazine rather than your mates who went to the gig last week. You're no longer on the inside (I probably never was, but its nice to dream).

People like me (and perhaps you) still like to kid ourselves we're up to date with what's going on. But lets be honest, we're looking at a street where we no longer live.

It'd be a shame to miss out though, wouldn't it.

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